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Partnership & Freelancer Registration

If you are interested in freelancing for Decadance Media then you can get in contact with us by filling in the form below, making sure you select the ‘Freelancer’ option. This will then go through to a member of our media team who will be in contact as soon as they are free.

We have a core team of specalists who cover our range of services you can view on the front page of this site, however there are times where for larger jobs or specific client content requests, we work alongside other freelancers.

If you are a company and are looking to partner with Decadance Media in whatever capacity, then please complete the form, making sure you select the ‘Partnership’ option. This will go through to our Partnerships Executive who will make contact with you as soon as they are available.

When you complete this form your details will be stored securely within our databases for the duration your enquiry is being handled, after which they will be deleted, unless there is an on-going requirement to store them due to a business relationship being formed.

You have the right to be forgotten at any time so long as there is no business relationship between yourself and Decadance Media. Full details on how your data will be used and collected can be found on our website by visiting the privacy policy.

The information submitted on this form will be used to create an account with Decadance Media and requires your consent