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by | Apr 16, 2020 | Media Tips

Local radio in Brighton has all but disappeared with audiences feeling disengaged with local programming which too has all but gone. But with radio listening figures growing year-on-year and 2020 supposedly being a 20-year high in radio listening, how will radio advertising work hard for your business and help with your marketing strategy.

Radio has had a long and established relationship with its listeners. Back in the late 60’s and through to only about 5-10 years ago Radio Caroline, (one of the most famous stations set on a boat off the UK coastline), brought some of the many voices you still hear today across BBC and other commercial stations. Pirate stations started the careers of many DJ’s and listeners lapped up the personalities just as much as the music.

Some might argue the presenter is less important in the mix against the music now, with the centralisation of stations and celebrities taking over a lot of the jobs many in the industry had. Regardless who is behind the microphone though, the format is largely unchanged when it comes to how it connects with its audience.

More recently we have seen radio taking the place of friends and family as people listen more and more to radio during the Covid-19 pandemic. Radio is a friend to many and a personal medium allowing listeners to create a greater bond with the music and the presenters.

Radio is still the most portable medium when you rank it against advertising on TV or in newspapers and magazine and online. You can take radio where-ever you go; you’re are not limited to listening in your home or in the car; you can consume radio anywhere and whilst you are doing everyday tasks.

You can spend huge sums of money on TV advertising but unless you have bottomless marketing budgets to follow up further advertising for consistency this medium is reserved for the super-rich brands. Local newspaper and magazine advertising can sometimes work depending on who your target market is, but even this can be hit and miss depending on whether physical copies are shifting and if existing readers have made the move to online and then you are an advert in and amongst other advertisers and a mass of content to shout above.

Radio is different. Radio is fun and emotive and relatable. Radio brings a friend at times when it’s needed, it brings a real feel good factor connecting your brand with that feeling.

You can place your business in a position where it’s instantly ahead of your competitors with short branded messages which can help draw in new audiences, increase traffic to your website, increase footfall to your products and services, increase brand awareness and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Unlike other mediums too, radio can offer S&P activity (sponsorships & promotions) which can really work hard for a business with an exclusive attachment and association to a specific show or audience who will get a direct exposure to a brand, product or service. This can include on-air endorsement from presenters and extended right through to digital and online content which is now some of the most consumed in terms of numbers and hits which you can connect your brand to.

If you would like to know more detail about how you can get your business connected to a show or area of the Decadance Radio station, get in contact via our website or give u a call on 0330 088 4181 and a member of the team can give you what you need to know.

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