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by | Jul 16, 2019 | Media Tips

Would your company benefit from digital screens to promote your products and services?

A lot of companies are turning to digital screens with moving graphics and video to help them attract their customers attention, informing them about their products and services.

Gone are busy posters and text heavy messages. In 2019 with a reduced attention span and less time to consume lots of information, businesses these days are turning to digital options to get their message across.

People prefer to watch videos which have all the information in a more eye catching way with the use of images and creative text to bring them to life, and you could be using this in your marketing.

Decadance Media has introductory rates on the screens as well as the content management support to get you going, so you can ensure your content is up to date and effective.

For more information visit our website to see live examples of the people who have screens installed in their business, so you can see how it might look for yours! There is also an example below from our most recent installation.

Al Duamo, 7 Pavillion Buildings, Brighton, BN1 1EE