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Is 5G really the way forward?

by | Jul 14, 2019 | Media Tips

Years ago, there were arguments surrounding possible health risks for anyone using mobiles phones, with studies showing the amount of radiation to our brains was damaging with long terms effects. These reports were never really substantiated enough for any of it to stick, and users continued to use mobiles for many years after.

Think then, now in 2019, with the new generation of 5G technologies being introduced in our cars and homes, powering a whole host of gadgets and everyday items such as domestic appliances, televisions and mobile phones, surely there would be a heightened risk of health issues?

The conspiracies are now rife. ‘…It’s your responsibility to your family to sabotage the 5G infrastructure in your area…’ read one comment in an online article which aimed to place doubt upon what could possibly become one of the biggest health diseases’ in modern day society.

The video posted online which at the point of this article being written has amassed nearly 800,000 views, aims to present the facts about 5G technology, and seemingly provoke thought amongst viewers to find out more information about the validity of the claims within it.

For the group of scientists, doctors, environmental activists and the general public who took part in the research in the short film, the claims within it were grave enough for them to call 5G ‘a crime against humanity’ and for the technology to be banned under international law.

5G is a weapon used by the military. The claims surround the claims about how our bodies receive frequencies, and more specifically the frequencies which 5G technology will broadcast and receive. Mark Steele, a weapons system expert talks about the dangers faced by society should this 5G technology hit our streets and near to our homes. The findings, if true, are truly frightening and scary, so much so that Mr Steele calls this an event bigger than the holocaust.

Transmitters will need to be placed every three to ten homes to deal with the high frequencies broadcasting from 24ghz through to 90ghz; very dense wireless radiation reaching our bodies.

In today’s technology your phone is constantly sending electronic magnetic fields regardless of whether you are receiving notifications or not. All of our digital tech sends these signals back and forth using these invisible microwave radiation signals. Every mobile phone mast and every router is pulsing with radiation whether you are using it or not.

There are scientific arguments in place that even 4G technology could cause us harm to DNA and cells with the risk of cancer; however, this has never been proven to date.  It is true that wireless radiation is likely to have biological effects, in fact these effects can be seen in all life forms, plants, animals, insects and microbes.

5G is now not a conversation about whether or not these biological effects exist; they clearly do, 5G has become a conversation about unsustainable health challenges, and the expenditure behind those challenges.

So, are these technology driven frequencies causing us to have ill health and mental and physical disease?

Watch a recent short film about the new 5G technology and the science behind these claims. You can also watch a video posted on Facebook with a phone mast placed on top of an average everyday street lamp. This video from a member of the general public shows the damage caused by the latest 5G technology to a tree outside his home. The damage is clear, and the footage was posted only 3 days ago on 11 July 2019. Both these posted videos are available below.